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The Process

We are a RIBA Chartered Practice and deliver the RIBA’s Plan of Work which is divided into work stages starting with our initial contact through to the making of our clients' project. We deliver these stages as follows: 


Feasibility & Brief Setting - RIBA Stage 1

This stage is all about interrelations  - your lifestyle, your requirements, what is a given and what we can add or take away to give you more - more space, more use, more light and first and foremost, more value.

  • We visit your property and carry out an initial appraisal.
  • We assist you in preparing your brief, discussing possible alternative solutions for you project.
  • We advise you on the need of services by other consultants or specialists.
  • The more detail we have, the more detail we can provide at this stage, so we can arrange for a dimensional survey of the property.
  • We prepare preliminary designs to draw out the opportunities and options on how we can meet your brief and, if possible, surpass it.
  • Every project needs to meet a budget. We address this reality head-on. With our in-house cost consultant we can provide you with a detailed cost plan at every stage, tracking developments and changes right through to the completion of your project.


Building Design - Stage 2 - 3

Drawing sketches and creating models, we develop the building design to draw out the right solution for you. From project inception onwards, we hold regular office design reviews to provide you with the best of our collective thinking.

  • We co-ordinate and integrate any designs and information provided by other consultants, be they impact studies, visual or environmental, and historic data for properties and settings.
  • We enter into early-stage discussions with local authorities fully embracing the pre-application process to draw out any issues prior to the submission of your design proposals for planning approval. We then maintain informed communications with the planning officer to support the success of your submission.


Detailed Design - RIBA Stage 4

Following planning approval, now is the time to get into the detail. We go as far as you want us to. We provide detailed design for your building construction as well as your interiors, such as bathroom and kitchen layouts right through to the details of lighting design, your new  staircase and bespoke furniture.

  • We submit an application for Building Regulations approval to ensure Health & Safety compliance. 
  • Where necessary, we coordinate design input from specialist suppliers.
  • We prepare drawings, schedules and specifications in sufficient detail for tenders to be obtained.


Tender & Contract Administration - RIBA Stage 5 - 7

Having worked with you from inception, we now use our intimate knowledge of your brief and the building design to supervise the realisation of your dreams.

  • We advise on potential contractors to be invited to tender for the work and manage the tender process for you.
  • We appraise the tenders and advise on the appointment of your contractor.
  • We then prepare and manage your building contract until completion to protect your investment and other interests..
  • We provide the contractor with ongoing information required for your construction project and, in partnership with the contractor and subcontractor, continue the detailed design development and its final implementation.

It does not stop there. How we rate our success is how well our designs meet your requirements for years to come; and every client feedback informs our next design.