Specialist Facades


ArchitectureLIVE are the UK agents for two very special facade solutions: Descender Fronts and Ertex Solar.

Descender Fronts are bespoke glass-or-solid "walls" that drop effortlessly and silently into an underground housing. They change and challenge the notion of inside and out in architectural design, in a way you have never seen before. Just by pressing a button see facades drop effortlessly away transforming living and commercial spaces forever.

Ertex Solar manufacture bespoke photovoltaics for building integration. Their solar panels produce electric energy that can be integrated into facades. It can also be used in windows, conservatories and roof lights which omit the need for any additional solar control.

Their integrated solutions cover the production of electrical energy, building skins, thermal insulated glass, sun-screening and security. Ertex Solar won the Institute for Sustainability's Innovation Competition in June 2014.