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6th Form Centre

Interior Design of Social & Independent Learning Centre, St Bartholomew's School, Newbury, West Berkshire


The brief, to redesign the existing 6th Form common room and canteen to create a new, striking 6th Form identity and increase space utilisation.

Since its completion in 2010, St Bartholomew’s School has gone from strength to strength fast becoming one of the country’s top secondary schools. Consequently, the original 6th Form centre has outgrown its facilities. 

As part of our latest appointment, we have undertaken the redesign and remodelling of the existing facilities to free up additional accommodation for 6th Form learning & socialising. Together with the school's Leadership Team, we conducted an in-depth analysis of the existing facilities which we concluded with a new space utilisation concept. The implementation of this new interior design was then competitively tendered, won and implemented by insightful environments. 

Remodelled socialising, independent learning and eating spaces are now joined by a new collaborative learning mode and matched with current and future technological requirements together with dynamic, yet hard wearing new furniture.

The next phase of our design will focus on independent study and student collaboration. Further interior remodelling and a new extension will deliver additional independent learning spaces and a new dedicated entrance to complete the exciting, new identity for the 6th Form.


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