Descender Front Commercial Installation at Aiola Cafe Descender Front Commerical Installation at Aiola Cafe
ArchitectureLIVE Descender Front Indoor Pool to Outdoor Pool Two Descender Fronts lowering into the ground at a Corporate Events venue in Switzerland Descender Fronts - allowing your living space to become part of a wonderful view, just by the press of a button.

Descender Fronts


ArchitectureLIVE are the UK agents for Descender Fronts by HIRT and Kollegger Metallbau, an exclusive facade solution.


Descender Fronts are bespoke glass-or-solid “walls”that drop effortlessly and silently into an underground housing. They change and challenge the notion of inside and out in architectural design, in a way you have never seen before. 

Just by pressing a button the traditional barrier of a window or wall drops effortlessly, almost silently away, merging the notion of indoors and outdoors, transforming living and commercial spaces forever.

These pioneering Descender Front solutions can be used for almost any type of building skin, be it solid or glass or a combination of the two.  The system can be fitted into any type of wall construction as a fully-insulated element within the facade.  They can be full height, taking up no extra room as all moving parts retract discreetly into an underground utility space leaving a seamless threshold.  Descender Fronts can be one element or several independently controlled, they can be linear or curved and can also include windows and doors providing maximum flexibility for all seasons.

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