The Duke of York Restaurant, featuring Descender Fronts by Kollegger is almost complete.

Duke of York Restaurant, London

The UK's First Descender Fronts


As UK agent, ArchitectureLIVE supports the Austrian company, Kollegger Metallbau, to deliver the exclusive Descender Front facade system for the Duke of York Restaurant on the Kings Road.

The restaurant, designed by Nex Architecture, will be the first building to feature this innovative facade system in the UK. Three 9 metre long curved Descender Fronts lower into the basement and create a seamless, threshold-free connection between the contemporary interior and its famous historic setting.

Descender Fronts are bespoke glass or solid “walls” that drop effortlessly and silently into an underground housing. Descender Front solutions can be used for almost any type of building skin, be it solid or glass or a combination of the two.  The system can also be fitted into any type of wall construction as a fully-insulated facade element. 

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architect                  Nex Architecture             
contractor               Westgreen Construction
facade specialist     Kollegger Metallbau with ArchitectureLIVE