A new extension for St Bartholomew's School in Newbury, West Berkshire houses new conference facilities A new extension at St Bartholomew's School, Newbury, Berkshire is complete and provides new conference centre facilities for the school and community.

Secondary School Extension

A new conference centre with catering facilities in Newbury, West Berkshire


The brief, to provide a new conference centre to cater for the school's needs and the local community, seamlessly connected to the existing school facilities as well as a new dedicated 6th Form entrance to signpost the success of the department. Since its completion in 2010, St Bartholomew’s School has gone from strength to strength, fast becoming one of the country’s top secondary schools. Consequently, demand for 6th Form places has significantly increased leaving existing facilities stretched to capacity.

A previous analysis of the existing 6th From facilities by ArchitectureLIVE, identified the original conference suite located within the same block as the 6th Form to be the optimum space to provide the necessary expansion of the department. This adaptation was implemented in summer 2018. This latest project, therefore, addresses the resulting short fall of the conference suite within a new, purpose built, stand alone centre attached to the main school building via a new 6th Form entrance.

The design for the new centre has been conceived as a distinctive, yet complementary element to the existing school, with rendered facades matching the existing colour concept and a cantilevered canopy framing the new entrance. Inside, a new tiered seating auditorium with catering facilities and an ancillary meeting space and office deliver the slightly larger provision for school and local community events alike. 

ArchitectureLIVE has also supported the school’s current 6th Form students to create a mural design that will advertise the school’s vibrant identity, from summer 2019.


architect                  ArchitectureLIVE
engineer                  Archibald Shaw
contractor               Ascia Construction
quanity surveyor    MTP Consultants