Change of use from commercial use to residential applied for office building in Guildford, Surrey Victorian detached property prior to its conversion to residential units in Guildford A run-down commercial office converted to residential flats and refurbished on the exterior in Guildford, Surrey The exterior of this Guildford town-centre Victorian property was refurbished with new doors Bathrooms designed to maximise re-sale value of residential development in Guildford, Surrey Kitchens housed in rear extension, designed to maximise re-sale value of residential development in Guildford, Surrey

Residential Apartments

Change of Use to Residential, Guildford, Surrey


The brief, to convert a period property used as offices back to residential for the purpose of rental or sale on the open market. 

This property had previously been converted into office space from it’s detached Victorian house origins more than 30 years ago. The recent change in the economic climate had proven financially unviable for the property’s owner.

At the feasibility stage, the potential of converting the building back to either a single property or multiple residential units was considered. Advice from local estate agents confirmed the potential value on the open and rental markets in Guildford.

Two options to convert the offices into multiple apartments were considered. The first using the existing building envelope and the second adding a two-storey rear extension to optimise the layout of two flats and their financial returns. The latter was chosen for its potential returns.

In order to minimise the conversion costs and maintain the character of the building, the new design worked with the existing historic building fabric. 

A previous extension, which had resulted in an unsightly rear elevation with a partial flat roof and disproportionate windows, was also redesigned as part of the redevelopment process. 

The new two-storey rear extension provided the necessary extra space to optimise the new internal layout needed to create the pair of two-double bedroom apartments.

Our design included the use of a variety of new acoustic and thermal technologies and materials. Thus, a site which had lost its market value now found itself in high demand once again. 


architect         ArchitectureLIVE
engineer         Archibald Shaw