London Café Design Features Descender Fronts

Posted on February 24, 2016

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As UK Agents for Descender Fronts, we are delighted to showcase an award winning design by Nex Architecture for Cadogan Café planned to replace an existing café building in the Duke of York Square in London.  

The Duke of York Square, Kings Road, Chelsea, is home to retail shops, unique boutiques, restaurants and the famous Saatchi Gallery.

The innovative design for the new café features double glazed, curved Descender Fronts, the first fully-descending facade elements planned in the UK.  Once lowered into a basement, the Descender Fronts, will allow the interior and exterior space of the café to merge seamlessly creating the opportunity to experience the Duke of York Square in a completely new way.  

The concept of limitless alfresco dining has been successfully implemented with Descender Fronts in the past at a number of prestigious locations such as the Seespitz Restaurant at the Schlosshotel in Velden, Austria, seen opposite.  The restaurant features full height and large scale Descender Fronts, allowing customers to delight in unlimited, first class views across Lake Wörthersee when the Descender Fronts are fully lowered, whilst delivering increased restaurant capacity at the press of a button.



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