Why Passivhaus?

Posted on October 21, 2015

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We were delighted to attended the UK Passivhaus Conference 2015 on October 20th, which took place in London.  

Passivhaus is the leading international low-energy design standard, defining highly effective ways to reduce the use of energy and lowering carbon emissions as well as providing an unrivalled level of comfort for the occupants.  These buildings - be they residential or commercial, are rigorously designed and built with the whole team paying meticulous attention to detail in order to deliver the Passivhaus certification. 

The annual Passivhaus Conference gives us the opportunity to learn about new developments in the UK’s Passivhaus movement as well as the chance to meet suppliers, fellow architects and other stakeholders who are passionate about this cause.  This year’s conference was no exception and demonstrated that Passivhaus is now well and truly beyond its infancy with an ever increasing number of projects being realised in the UK and the Passivhaus standard is making immense progress in closing the gap between the designed performance of a building and its actual implementation. 

Whilst conventional new build homes in the UK often do not measure up to the designed standards, Passivhaus buildings according to the latest post-occupancy research reassuringly meet them despite the standards being set much higher.  

If these standards were not met, the building would fail certification but first and foremost, not be energy efficient.  For ArchitectureLIVE, this equates to providing holistic design and quality assurance.  If you are looking to invest in a bespoke home, why would you risk settling for less?

If quality of design and energy efficiency are high on your priority list, we would love to hear from you.



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