ArchitectureLIVE_1320_NewBuild_09.jpg New Build 5 bedroom Passivhaus Design Option by ArchitectureLIVE New Build Home with Passivhaus Design by ArchitectureLIVE ArchitectureLIVE-Modern-extension-to-stone-barn-Hampshire.jpg Single-storey Extension option for Converted Barn by ArchitectureLIVE ArchitectureLIVE-Existing-Garden-Petersfield-Hampshire.jpg Extension option for Converted Barn designed by ArchitectureLIVE ArchitectureLIVE-Existing-Materials-Petersfield-Hampshire.jpg A Converted Stone-walled Barn near Petersfield, Hampshire

Country Home 

Passivhaus Case Study, Petersfield, Hampshire


This existing property is a converted stone-walled barn set near Petersfield in the South Downs National Park.  In order to maximise the return for the sale of the property, the clients appointed ArchitectureLIVE to propose a low energy design using Passivhaus principals to either provide a proposal for a new-build, low energy 5-bedroom family home or extend the property.

The site boasts an ideal orientation for renewables but the existing property is dated and offers severe height restrictions which would be costly to overcome.  

The option for a new build home clearly shows the reorientation of the new property with a new, space-efficient layout, whilst approximating the existing building foot print. This would prove beneficial in terms of planning policies.

The alternative, a self-contained extension together with the internal gutting and reorganisation of the existing property to optimise the existing layout, orientation and return on investment proved more costly.

All options were presented with corresponding budget cost plans enabling the clients to proceed with the sale of the property at a maximised return.

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