New entrance and foyer for community and school events designed by ArchitectureLIVE ArchitectureLIVE’s St Bartholomew’s school extension provides increased exam capacity New-build secondary school in Newbury features Sedum roof ArchitectureLIVE’s design for a school extension blends seamlessly with existing building St Bartholomews School Enhancement Project, Newbury, Berkshire - by ArchitectureLIVE Newbury school extension provides a flexible space and generates electricity Close-up of Building Integrated Photovoltaics - BIPVs in windows Exterior of secondary school extension includes Community Entrance Hard landscaped auditorium at Secondary School designed by ArchitectureLIVE LED Strip Lights light up a new Community Entrance at school extension Building Integrated Photovoltaics in Newbury secondary school by Ertex Solar ArchitectureLIVE's school extension creates additional exam capacity Multi-purpose school extension for St Bartholomews, Newbury by ArchitectureLIVE Building-Integrated-Photovoltaics-School-extension-close-up.JPG ArchitectureLIVE_StBartolomews_School_Extension-exterior.jpg ArchitectureLIVE_StBartolomews_School_Extension-exterior-BIPV.jpg

"ArchitectureLIVE have proven to be visionary thinkers matched by down-to-earth practicality and a passion for detail. Their confident and friendly handling of our project meant I never felt out of my depth."

- Tina, Facilities Manager, St Bartholomew's School, Newbury


St Bartholomew's School

New Build & Extension, Newbury, West Berkshire


The brief, to extend the school to provide additional exam space.

St Bartholomew’s, a £40m new build secondary school with a capacity for 1650 pupils, was originally completed in 2010 with Jonathan Gratton as the lead designer and project architect. In 2013, the school approached Jonathan with the brief to extend the school with an additional exam space.  With St Bartholomew’s agreement, ArchitectureLIVE further developed the project brief to encompass a new multi-purpose space to provide a dedicated foyer for school and community events, a new study area for the 6th Form, extended changing facilities, over and above the increased exam capacity.

Whilst the overriding factor for the design was to make the new extension fit in seamlessly with the existing building, the new facade design was taken one step further by integrating cutting edge Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) technology  to optimise daylight, omit excess solar gain and harness the sun’s energy to produce free electricity.

A new hard landscaped auditorium also provides teared seating for open air performances, using the new foyer space as a stage and back stage area. As required by West Berkshire Borough Council, Planning Department the school is certified BREEAM Very Good.

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architect                  ArchitectureLIVE
engineer                  Buro Happold
contractor               Herbert H Drew & Sons Ltd
BIPV                         Ertex Solar

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